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Welcome to Lemmy Dean Scott's Memorial Page


You will always be our forever child!

Nathalie and I have lost our baby.
His name is Lemmy Dean Scott van Diest. Lemmy lived for forty weeks and 1 day in his mother’s womb before he passed away. Lemmy's heart stopped on Wednesday 19/01/2011...

Out Now! Lemmy Dean Scott's All Around!

We've worked hard to realize our gift to our dear son Lemmy.

Now one year after his passing it's here!

Lemmy's gift to us all!

Lemmy Dean Scott's

All Around

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January 19th 2011 our little son, Lemmy Dean Scott, died just a few hours before he would have been born a strong, healthy boy. He lived in his mommy’s belly for 9 months and a day.

His Mom gave birth to him on January 21st 2011. What should have been so joyful turned out to be so sad.

At some point our dear friend Boudewijn suggested we should record an album, a Tribute to Lemmy and we got to work, with Lemmy looking over our shoulders...